DFC’s Ideas For Innovation Event, featuring Keynote Speaker, Roxanne Qualls, Former Mayor of Cincinnati

DFC’s Ideas for Innovation is a program series to connect the DFC Strategic Framework, Detroiters and the DFC Implementation Office together to engage in dialogue on moving the city forward. The program will also provide a set of publications that build from the events and serve as a resource to guide action across stakeholder groups. 


               event one
The Making of a Great City

In order to truly allow innovation to flourish within the city, what are the key ingredients needed for success? Speakers from Detroit and around the country will discuss some of these key ingredients, including alignment around a shared vision, strong civic leadership, commitment to civic design and participatory implementation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 | 6 p.m.
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

GM Auditorium 

Keynote speaker:
  • Roxanne Qualls
    Assistant to the Provost for Civic Affairs at Xavier University
    Former Mayor and City Councilmember of Cincinnati, OH
  • Jenn White
    Host of All Things Considered, Michigan Radio
  • Dayne Walling
    Mayor of Flint
  • Khalil Ligon
    Southeast Michigan Outreach Coordinator, Alliance for the Great Lakes
  • Gary Brown
    Chief Operating Officer, City of Detroit
Upcoming Ideas for Innovation events:
  • Opportunities for Innovation | May 2015 
  • Strengthening the City’s Neighborhoods | June 2015 
  • The Case for Open Space | July 2015 
  • Equitable Growth | September 2015 
  • The Making of a Shared Regional Vision | October 2015

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