Volunteer Positions Available: Accountant/Treasurer and Assistant Secretary

If you would like to work with an active community and be a part of the resurgence of Detroit, we are looking for you!

Below are the positions and descriptions.  These positions are voluntary only.

ACCOUNTANT/TREASURER : (This is a voluntary elected position; no payment is offered.)


1. Central role is to maintain financial records for Littlefield Community Association, Inc.
2. Manages the association’s bank account by depositing all money into a dedicated account  and by paying authorized bills
3. Provide balance accounts to Board and at community meetings
4. Collects club dues and issues receipts
5. Maintains receipts and disbursements, and prepares financial reports such as filing tax documents and keeping up-to-date financial records
6. Treasurer should understand and be aware of the association’s activities so that he/she may speak at any time about the financial feasibility of any suggested club action
7. Will be accountable to the executive committee as a whole, and to the Secretary individually for his actions and decisions


• Must have accounting background, detail-oriented skills that allow you to keep up with company expenditures, income, and tax requirements.
• Familiarity with accounting software is beneficial.
• Must be highly organized and enjoy working with numbers.

ASSISTANT SECRETARY: (This is a voluntary position; no payment is offered.)


1. Work with and report to Association Secretary
2. Attend Board meetings (when required) and community meetings
3. Take minutes at all meetings, review with Association Secretary, once approved distribute to Board members
4. Ensure meetings are effectively organized
5. Maintain effective records
6. Attention to detail

Note: These duties can change upon request from Association Secretary, or principal Board members.


The administrative assistant needs to be a well organized and pays attention to detail. Computer literacy, including the ability to use email and word processing and spreadsheet software, is helpful. Good interpersonal and communication skills are also important.


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