Our Story

In 2006, local residents Carol Pickens, Sandra Pickens, Andrew Watts, and David Harris established Littlefield Community Association. They were determined to help meet the needs of the residents and stabilize the community. Their first project was Littlefield Playground, which has been in existence for over 50 years. With over 14 years of experience working in commercial development, and 15+ years of construction, a site plan with a proposal (totaling just over $2,000,000.00) was created and sent to the Recreation Department, which was approved. They were able to obtain $50,000 from the Recreation department and over $200,000 from Wayne County toward the new park! This amazing team worked closely with the Recreation department in design and allocation of the funds. Their next plan was to add trees to the park and contacted Greening of Detroit, who along with community residents, and other block clubs and associations planted over 100, donated trees! To-date over $500,000.00 has been spent on the park development. Because of residents’ efforts, various groups have recognized this park and their work.

While involved with the development of the playfield, Littlefield took on submitting an application and budget to MDOT’s Safe Routes to School program for Noble Elementary-Middle School in 2009. Noble School was awarded $483,810 of the $1 million grant!

Littlefield Community Association is one of the driving forces behind the collaboration of over 15 block clubs and associations, and the founding of New Village Detroit, a community-driven development plan from Fenkell to Tireman and Ewald Circle to Greenfield. This plan includes the needs of military veterans and their families, as well as the homeless, and local able and disabled residents. This plan generated interest by developers and investors in working with New Village Detroit.

Littlefield is a community of active residents, taxpayers, voters, veterans, school administrators, engineers, business professionals, and laborers. In 2014, Littlefield Community Association became a non-profit organization and has been working closely with Pride Area Community Council (local association and non-profit), NorthStar Community Development Corporation, Happy Homes Community Association, Detroit Police 2nd Precinct, local churches, and others.

Description of boundaries for the LCA: We are made up of concerned residents and property owners living and/or owning property within the LCA boundaries. LCA’s demographics: 2.3 miles, east of Wyoming to Greenlawn St. and south of I-96 to Grand River Avenue.


Our Community Stabilization Plan

  • Continue to build a strong voter base
  • Complete the redevelopment of Littlefield Playfield (11.1 acres)
  • Lot ownership for housing development
  • Community development (infrastructure, lighting, clean renewal energy, etc.)
  • Continue to attract new and returning residents
  • To be a financially self-sustaining community
  • Provide job opportunities, mentorship and training programs for our residents
  • Create and promote entrepreneurial opportunities within our community
  • Continue to strengthen our positive relationship with Detroit Police 2nd Precinct
  • Revitalize the Grand River corridor with vibrant businesses

Littlefield Community Association Team

  • Sandra D. Pickens, President
  • David Harris, Vice President
  • Freda White, Secretary (Chairperson, Abandoned Homes)
  • Carol A. Pickens, Treasurer/Community Strategist
  • Barbara Pugh, Senior Services
  • Imari D. Pickens, Administrative Coordinator, Youth Department
  • Randy Thomas, Men’s Association
  • Rev. Anthony E. Henry, Trustee
  • Rev. Darryl S. Moore, Trustee
  • Mr. Don Wyatt, Business Owner, Trustee
  • Otis Byles, Community Member


List of Accomplishments: (A non-profit organization)

  • Due to the community’s efforts in maintaining our local playfield, Littlefield Playfield, it has been selected by the City of Detroit as a premier park. (2010)
  • Participated in the designing of the Site Plan for the redevelopment of Littlefield Playfield, which was approved by the Detroit Recreation Department. Total project cost $2.2 million. This playfield is the central focus for Noble School and our community. (2006-ongoing)
  • Community Redevelopment of Littlefield Playfield, an 11.1 acre playfield
    • $2,178,000.00 million development (2006-ongoing)
  • Community participation in obtaining funding for the redevelopment of Littlefield Playfield from the City of Detroit Recreation Department and our 6th District Commissioner, Keith D. Williams. Total amount obtained to-date $570,000.00. (2006 – ongoing)
  • On behalf of Noble Elementary-Middle School, Littlefield Community Association applied for and was awarded, by Michigan Department of Transportation, $483,810.00 of their $1,000,000 grant for international Safe Routes To School The only school in the City of Detroit to receive this prestigious award. (2009)
  • Planned and sponsored the annual Safe Routes 2 School Walk to School Rally for Noble Elementary-Middle School. (2009-2010)
  • Community’s annual History in the Neighborhood featuring 102nd U.S. Colored Troop Civil War Re-enactors and the Buffalo Soldiers. Held at Littlefield Playfield. (2013, 2014)
  • Fundraising events for Noble Elementary-Middle School children and community. (2009-2014)
  • Created community brochure, proposals, and newsletters. (2003-2010)
  • Appreciation Picnic for Detroit Police, Detroit Fire Fighters, DPS Safety Officers, and Wayne County Sheriffs (2007, 2015)
    • In partnership with Noble Elementary-Middle School

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